Consumer Goods Packaging

PackXpert India Pvt Ltd offers you a wide range of packaging solutions. Our multiple options and solutions provides you fully complaint safety and security of packaging.

Our Solutions

Our pallets are designed in a flat transport structure, which supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, a pallet jack, a front loader, a jacking device, or an erect crane.

Our film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. In contrast, shrink wrap is applied loosely around an item and shrinks tightly with heat

Our Straps are very strong due to its high tensile and tear resistance, but also very elastic so that the reduction of the size can be accommodated. It is resistant to shocks and bumps. Even in the long term this strap is extremely robust, and insensitive to UV light. These properties of the strap remain valid, even at high temperatures.

Adhesive tape is the combination of substrate and adhesive used either to hold or seal

  • BOPP printed
  • Clear and Tan
  • Fabric Tapes
  • Filament Tapes
  • Double Sided Tapes
  • Tissue Tapes

Labels are most applicable factor of packaging to indicate contents, product specification, safety warnings, contact details and any other additional marketing, branding information that is applied to the product.

We strive to deliver high quality, cost effective and customized labels for your business needs.


  • Paper based label
  • Poly based label


Slip sheets are less expensive and alternative to pallets. Our slip sheets allow you to ship more products in less space. With reduction in transportation weight and hence cost, more volumes can be transported in air shipments at the same cost. Slip sheets maximizes the warehouse space utilization.

  • Lashing belts
  • Cord strap & buckles
  • Tools

  • Warehouse / Yard Management System
  • Track & Trace
  • Printing Solutions
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Security and Office Automation
  • Sealers
  • Carton Erectors
  • Strapping & Wrapping System
  • Conveyor System
  • Stacker Cranes

Pallet Styles by Entry Points and Decking

  • Two-way entry
  • Four-way entry
  • Open Deck Pallet
  • Solid Deck Pallet
  • Double Face Pallet

By Design

  • Block Pallet
  • Stringer Pallet

Alternative to wood pallets

  • Engineered Wood
  • Press-wood Pallet
  • LVL Pallets
  • Metal Pallets
  • Plastic Pallets



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