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Unitising with straps have for many years been an extremely effective way of confirming and reinforcing goods. Strap’s breaking strength and elasticity ensures extremely tight bundling or strapping. This may be required in all bundling and securing application especially in heavy duty products.

Packxpert complies with high quality standards regarding breaking strength, stretch and flatness of the Straps. We have robust quality systems in place to ensure that the straps don’t underperform in use. We majorly categorise strapping into 2 types steel and Plastic.

Different Types Strapping Machine

The straps are made from flat steels strips as per the application requirement under strict Quality control process. Each type of strap is quality tested and marked with our trust. We majorly have all major grades and sizes of straps in Standard roll pack or Jumbo packs. We classify straps as below

  • UniFlex is a cold-rolled and low-carbon steel strap used to reinforce, unitize, bundle and palletize loads in medium-duty applications. Grip steel strap is manufactured from High-Grade cold rolled coils under stringent quality conditions thus ensuring a production in compliance with international standards ISO 9001:2008

Band Thickness – 0.4 – 0.8 mm

Band width – 12.7 – 32 mm

  • SuperFlex – High Tensile is used in Heavy-Duty applications that require high strength, high impact resistance and excellent ductility. Manufactured from special medium-carbon grades and high-manganese steel coils, it is specially heat treated through a patented process. Through this process, our steel strap gains exceptional ductility and fineness throughout its cross-section.

Band thickness – 0.51 – 1.27 mm

Band Width – 15.8 – 32 mm

  • Seals – we have all size and thickness of seals to bind straps together with a firm grip. We can also supply printed seals as per your requirement for a order quantity.

Plastic Strapping is a range of products made from specialised polymer compounds to form a strong strap, which is used in a broad range of packaging and bundling applications.

We have plastic strapping in various sizes colours and breaking strengths,

  • PP (Polypropylene) Strapping: Used in various packaging and bundling operations, PP straps can be applied with hand tools (powered and manual) and with automatic machines. Our straps are made from right blended batch which produces excellent straps with right Quality, Strength and colour. The expert’s Choice straps.

Band thickness – 0.7 mm to 1 mm and width 9-22 mm.

  • PET (Polyester) Strapping:

    This strap is both extremely strong and will hold tension better than polypropylene and because of its strength and durability, polyester strapping has often used a replacement for steel strapping in many industries. Our straps are available in various grades depending upon the Load application. The straps will be available in Standard green Colour and Individual roll packing, both standard and Jumbo. The Band thickness ranges from 0.5 mm – 1.27 mm and width from 9mm to 32 mm.

  • Polyester Cord Strapping: This strapping product is very easy to apply, yielding the same ultimate characteristics of high breaking strengths and superior retained tension as extruded polyester strapping. Cord strapping is almost exclusively applied and tensioned by hand.
  • Accessories and tools: Seals, Buckles, Edge protectors, Corner guard, Angle protector, Tensioner, Crimping tools, Roll Cart dispenser for Steel and Plastic Strap, Battery tools
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